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Nataša Dolejši, president of the Velenje Tourist Association

I left Trbovlje full of impressions and grateful that I was able to have this experience. Slovenia is beautiful and each city is beautiful. Even nicer if you unveil its veils through the stories that the place tells.
Dena Kaye said: "Traveling means delving deeper into yourself." I experienced Trbovlje in a completely new dimension. A trip that fills you inwardly, corners that excite you and cuisine that fascinates you. Would recommend!

Igor Jurišič, President of the Slovenian Travel Association

With its offer, Trbovlje can successfully compete on the European tourist market and getting to know the cultural and especially industrial heritage is the card on which Trbovlje can bet. If we add to this excellent and specific cuisine, we can put together any package that can be different for each visitor, with the only common denominator: Trbovlje.

Janja Viher, president of the Štajerska Tourist Association

A day for exploring the municipality of Trbovlje, as part of the cross-border project Inspiration, which aims to revive the rich and unique industrial and cultural heritage. With the intertwining of the interpretation of the natural resources of the Kum Landscape Park and the conquest of the Kum peak at 1220m above sea level with interesting workshop inputs and a test of manual skills using logic and excellent cuisine, the rapidly changing weather picture is only an addition to the uniqueness that needs to be experienced and repeated.

Matjaž Markič, travel journalist and editor of the website www.moj-kovcek.si

Cycling through the mine shafts is a unique experience and the organizers strive to make it part of the regular tourist offer. In any case, we wish them a lot of success, and all cycling enthusiasts are recommended to go to the inners of the Trbovlje mine at the first opportunity they get. They won't be sorry.
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