24. 12. 2020

Since August 2018, the Municipality of Trbovlje has been leading the project Revitalization of industrial heritage sites for the breakthrough of cultural tourism in Trbovlje, Slovenska Bistrica, Labin and Rijeka. The purpose of the project is also to establish attractive experiences and tourist spots that will make Trbovlje more friendly for residents and visitors.

In the development of tourism programs, we have connected various local tourist providers, from public institutions, associations, to private individuals, who have prepared unique cultural and tourist packages with their ideas and cooperation. Visitors from various target groups, journalists and tourist organizers who tested them left Trbovlje positively surprised and enthusiastic. We are presenting some of them:


The area, which was newly arranged as part of the Inspiration project, has great symbolic significance for Trbovlje. By establishing an interpretation point, we preserve the memory of the rich industrial and cultural heritage of Trbovlje, and at the same time, we look to the future.

With five cultural points, we pay tribute to the people of Trbovlje, whose work still boasts the name of the city far into the world. In the center of the space is a monolith sculpture with a virtual platform, which on its surface in an endless loop shows holographic portrait projections of the inhabitants of our city.

The renovated space is intended for socializing of our residents, informing visitors and for various occasional events, that will connect our past with the vision of Trbovlje as a modern, forward-looking community.


The Trbovlje mine is closing; to preserve the memory and revive the heritage, we have prepared a unique experience for young people and young at heart. Escape from the mine is a fun and educational experience that presents visitors with the challenge of rescuing miners trapped in a cave. A series of challenges supported by the use of new media tools (VR, holograms, touch screens, projections) need to be solved through to the end of the game. At the same time, the visitor discovers the mining environment, skills and knowledge required by the mine from the miner. The game is suitable for teams of 3-6 players who strive to complete the task as quickly as possible.


Virtual Museum of Mining the ”4th dritl” brings the mine to the visitor with the help of modern technology. It offers an experience of the narrow and dark tunnels of the mine, the sensations of coal dust and a glimpse into the private life of the miners.

The visitor enters the depths of the Trbovlje underground with the help of virtual reality, with the help of holograms, sounds, light effects and projections. The experience of traveling from old roots to new experiences is also enriched by meeting the real miners.


The hike through the tunnels provides a unique experience of exploring the Zasavje coal mine. In addition to walking through the mine shafts, which were not so long ago walked by miners, a real adrenaline test is also offered by cycling. Along the way, visitors see authentic mining facilities that will remain underground forever, and in a conversation with the miners, they learn why we still worship work in the mine today. Visitors are often joined by the mischievous mining dwarf Perkmandeljc, who is happy to tell the story of his “comrades” from the Black Kingdom.


A tour of the chimney of the Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant is a unique experience in Trbovlje. It is 360 meters high and is the tallest building in Slovenia, the tallest chimney in Europe and the seventh-tallest in the world. The mighty building, which would withstand an earthquake up to the 10th degree, enchants just about every visitor approaching its foot. For the locals, however, it is an important monument of the industrial past and at the same time a building that challenges ideas about a bright future. The view of it is magnificent and not to be missed. Climbing the chimney is not allowed, but climbing can be experienced virtually.


On the southern side of the municipality of Trbovlje, on the right bank of the Sava River, lies the Kum Landscape Park. Its highest point is the 1220 m high Kum, also called Zasavski Triglav. Several mountain trails lead to the top, but we recommend an organized hike starting at Dobovec. On it, visitors get to know the characteristics of the heritage of our place, the beauty of the diverse natural and cultural heritage and get acquainted with life and work in the countryside. Intertwining the interpretation of natural resources, tasting excellent cuisine and testing handicrafts in an art workshop, provide visitors with a unique experience.


In Trbovlje, the heritage of two centuries of mining can be traced at every step, and today the city is following the path of new media art and innovative technologies. We start the tour at the Trbovlje Thermal Power Plant, where we look at the sky to see the highest industrial chimney in Europe – 360 meters high. We take you to the mining colonies, which were established a hundred years ago as residential houses for miners and have remained mostly inhabited to this day. We travel from Limberk, where the entire settlement sank, to Lakonca, where you see the consequences of mining for the environment, through the legendary mining colonies in Žabjek, past abandoned mining machines in Ribnik, to the inn of Slovenian mother Ana Dimnik and the premises were the world-famous Laibach group started to be. We also present Delavski dom Trbovlje, with a staircase, Batič statues and the largest mosaic in Slovenia. We will present the transformation of the city from industrial to new media in the Park of Culture with the only outdoor monolith in Slovenia, and you will be able to continue the experience in the virtual museum of mining 4th dritl. We show you the highest achievements at the intersection between art, science and new technologies in the DDT-RUK Research Laboratory, which creates projects in the field of cybernetics, virtualization, BCI systems and robotics.


Coffee has always played a very important role in our history, ever since it was brought to us by the Turks about five hundred years ago. Miners from Trbovlje often could not afford real black coffee, they drank grain coffee. Today, when even the best coffees in the world are at hand, high-quality Iconic Coffee is roasted in Trbovlje, carefully prepared in a home roastery. Valentina and Grega say that life is too short for bad coffee, so they offer you the highest quality coffee in the world, amazing aromas and flavors that make you happy and give you new energy. If you do not meet them at any of the experiences in Trbovlje, you can visit them in their roastery and you will learn all about coffee and its proper preparation.


Designer Marjeta Hribar tells her story about coal, “kuolm”, in an exceptional way. Its uniqueness is coal products and jewelry. The designer collects coal right on the surface and transforms it into handmade jewelry with black luster, named KUOLMi . The jewelry carries an organic shape and each piece is uniquely special. Its black shine is noticeable everywhere, and it comes to life especially nicely on other gift products, such as: soap, water bottles, pendants or cufflinks. Marjeta is a creative soul and a great storyteller, so no one is left indifferent when she is presenting her story.


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