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On special occasions, the old mining colony at Njiva comes to life as if it were still inhabited and full of life. Turn back time by more than 50 years and go to the center of life in miners Trbovlje: the workers’ colony. Experience the social life of miners, the pulse of the yard, the open “porches” and the different smells that emanate from the apartments. Join the men in their debates in the colonial “parliament” or in the card game. Mix yourself among the locals, listen to the authentic Trbovlje dialect and try original mining dishes such as funšterc and grenadirmarš. The Njiva colony can come to life, we can prepare a longer or shorter program and a special program for children.

Do you want a prize: wafers or a 505 candy with a line? Join us, get to know the life of colonial children in the middle of the last century and take part in our games! You will not be bored.

Visit us in the museum apartments of the Zasavje museum Trbovlje.


+386 (0) 30 203 101




Zasavski muzej Trbovlje, Ulica 1. junija 15

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