Trbovlje has great tourism opportunities in the field of cycling. In terms of interest and attractiveness, the Alpine Association of Slovenia places Zasavje at the very top in terms of interesting stages along the entire length of the cycling tour around Slovenia. The beautiful nature and the authentic silence of our hills leave an indelible mark on all visitors.

Trbovlje is the starting point of cycling routes towards Mrzlica, Sveta Planina, Podmeja, Dobovec and Kum, and they are also included in the Zasavje part of the Slovenian cycling route (STKP), which is the longest route in Europe with 1,800 kilometers in length and 50,000 meters in ascent.

Zasavski krog STKP offers touring cyclists a 3-4 day cycling experience in Zasavje (route: hotel Trojane - Čemšeniška planina - Sveta planina - Mrzlica - Kal - Gore - Kum - Bogenšperk - Šmartno pri Litiji - Janče - Jevnica - Planinski dom Ušte - Geoss - Zasavska sveta gora - Trojane). It covers 144 km and overcomes 5.623,5 altitude meters of cycle and dual-purpose trails.

The trails around our valley are intended for recreationists, as well as well-prepared cyclists, who will be richly rewarded on each of the green peaks with beautiful views of the once industrial valley. In Podmeja, Mrzlica, Dobovec and Kum, a catering offer is also provided for energy recovery.

Below we highlight the cycling routes in our surroundings, which can also be connected or upgraded by connecting to other peaks in Zasavje. You can go to discover our unforgettable beauties and attractiveness of cycling, discover hidden corners and wide views by yourself or contact the Institute for Youth and Sports Trbovlje (+386 (0) 3 56 12 887) where they provide you with additional information, as well as a professionally trained tour-bike guide.

Cycling routes in our surroundings

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