mozaik na DDT
mozaik na DDT

The first place for cultural activities of the population of Trbovlje was the Mining Home, which burned down during the clashes of Trbovlje workers with the fascists Orjuna. Next to it stands a younger, but a much larger cultural temple, ”Delavski dom”, which is still the center of cultural activity in Trbovlje. It was built in 1956, according to the plans of the architect Marko Župančič, and at that time was one of the symbols of life in the new social system. The façade next to the staircase is adorned with a mosaic by the academic sculptor Marija Pregelj, which shows life in Trbovlje through time. For his work, the author received the Prešeren Award, the highest national award for achievements in culture. With a theater and cinema hall, two smaller halls, two galleries, a large lobby and numerous rehearsal spaces, Delavski dom offers opportunities for the widest range of artistic performances. In the last decade, it has established itself as one of the centers of new media culture in Slovenia and the world. The basements host the new media museum installation Virtual Museum of Mining the 4th dritl, which through modern technology represents the role of mining in the development of the local community and allows a more personal experience of the working environment of the miner.


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Trg svobode 11a, 1420 Trbovlje

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