One of the main entrances to the Trbovlje mine, next to which there is also a mining bathroom or ”Vašhava”. There was enough space in it for the wardrobe of the whole shift of miners, and the bathroom itself was divided into two parts: the white and the black ”vašhava”. The miners entered the white ”vašhava” at the beginning of the working day, where they put down their clothes and hung them on hangers, which they dragged under the ceiling with chains. In the black ”vašhava” they have taken work clothes, they were also returning from the cave. Showers were arranged in the space between the two parts of the ”vašhava”. In the invitation room (where the team gathers before leaving for work), a wall painting with mining motifs, the work of a local, the academic painter Janez Knez, is still preserved today.

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