In the Trbovlje equestrian society, we socialize and organize together horse and equestrian lovers. The beginnings of the association date back to 1995, when the founding assembly in 1995 brought together horse lovers who adopted the basic act of the equestrian association. On 21st of February 1996, the association was entered in the register of associations at the Trbovlje Administrative Unit. The tasks of the association are mainly:

  • develop and spread knowledge about the horse and work with it,
  • engage in equestrian sports and horse breeding,
  • organize riding courses,
  • attract the wider public to equestrian recreation and equestrian sports,
  • to train professional staff in the field of equestrian sports and horse breeding,
  • organize social and inter-social events, presentations and competitions,
  • maintain contacts with other equestrian and equestrian societies and cavalry,
  • participate in public events,
  • organize professional lectures in the field of horse breeding, equestrian sports and veterinary medicine,
  • take care of membership training,
  • take care of the economic development of the association,
  • gain new members and sympathizers.

We operate on the recultivated areas of the “Prapretno” ash dump, which we received for permanent lease and management from the Thermalpowerplant Trbovlje in 1997. In 1998, the Thermalpowerplant Trbovlje also obtained a valid building permit for the constructed facilities.

Additional information: Horseback riding is taught by a qualified riding instructor. Horseback riding courses and individual lessons are available for those interested. It is possible to take the RIDER 1 and RIDER 2 exam. By agreement, there is also the possibility of off-road riding and participation in the cavalry. The learning program is tailored to each individual, depending on his or her prior knowledge and experience with horses.


Retje 14, 1420 Trbovlje


+386 (0) 40 720 422

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