Advance reservations are required to view the inside of the chimney.

Due to the mine, electricity came to Trbovlje much earlier than in similarly large or even larger places. The surplus energy of the mining power plant, which initially stood in the Trbovlje valley itself, was used early for street lighting so that Trbovlje was illuminated with electricity even before Ljubljana. A larger power plant was later built along the Sava river, in addition to the new mine separation, and in the 1970s an even stronger TET2. It initially had a 70-meter chimney, which failed to remove smoke and soot from the valley, so it was replaced by a 360-meter-high chimney, the tallest building in Slovenia and the tallest chimney in Europe. The chimney still stands today and represents one of the most monumental monuments of the industrial era in the region.


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Ob železnici 27, 1420 Trbovlje

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